March 12, 2017 at 4:12 am

Do You Need a New Battery?

Whether your car breaks down or will not start because of battery issues, you need to have some knowledge on the type of battery to choose. You also need to make regular appointments to have the battery checked and serviced as needed.

You will probably find few drivers who have not had the sinking feeling that goes along with having a bad battery. Before the battery goes completely dead, however, you can take the necessary precautions. If you want to avoid having your battery replaced once it has gone dead, you need to take heed of certain warning signs.

Does Your Engine Crank Slowly?

For example, a battery is about to go dead if you engine cranks slowly. As it takes a good deal of power to start a car, a battery must be in tip-top condition. Once the car is started, the alternator keeps the battery running by replacing the power that was used to start the engine.

When you place the key in your car’s ignition and turn it, then that battery in and of itself starts the engine. So, if your battery is about to fail, you may notice that your engine is difficult to start. Pick up on this warning sign as this one clue may be your only chance to do something about the battery before it totally refuses to crank. Fortunately, Roadside Response car batteries in Central Coast Australian areas are available should your battery fail whilst you are on the roadway.

How Are Your Electronic Components Operating?

You may also experience issues with the electrical components on your car before your battery finally dies. Electronic components can act erratically if the battery is running out of juice. The parts operate such accessories as power windows, power seats, dashboard lights, and headlamps. Sometimes a power loss can come from dirty battery terminals. However, if the terminals are clean, you may need to have your battery replaced.

Contact Roadside Response in Melbourne to obtain a replacement battery if your battery dies before it can be replaced. If you are using more than one component at a time and notice that one of the accessories is not working properly, your battery is flawed. For example, if the headlamps dim when you switch on the radio, you need to install a new battery.

Most vehicles also exhibit a dashboard warning light that flashes an icon that looks like a tiny battery. This light will illuminate if there is something wrong with the battery. The warning light is similar to a “check engine” light. Have your car inspected immediately if you see this warning on your car’s dashboard appear.