July 30, 2016 at 6:00 am

Features About Mercedes Metris That Will Amaze You

Globally, the Mercedes Metris is known as ‘Vito’ since the name reminisces of the mafia, it was dubbed just for the US and Canadian market. However, it is versatile and elegant at the same time. Mercedes Metris is a commercial Euro-style vehicle in the US. Mercedes-Benz work vehicle is a midsize van with amazing work-chops. Here are a few features that you will find amazing about Metris.

Size matters

  • The Metris, a mid-sized hauler has just the right dimensions. It is not big like Sprinter or too small; just the right height at 74.8 inches, length 202 inches, width 76 inches. The size is so compact that it can easily fit into your garage.
  • The size of the Metris is misleading; the van has substantial payload capacity, intentionally designed to function in tight metropolitan areas.

Looks matter

  • Though a utility van, Metris sports a very elegant look with distinct features rather than a block-like look with a typical streamlined Mercedes fascia. It feels more like a sedan that is bulky and less like a coupe.
  • Compared to Lexus, the Mercedes Metris offers ownership at a lower cost, a higher load capacity, enhanced safety features and ease of handling.


The strong mechanics

  • The Metris comes to life with 2.0-liter turbo-charge, four cylinder engine and 208 horsepower that flow through its 7G-tronic transmission with paddle shifters.
  • It has an independent suspension combined with comfort when it is configured as a passenger van rather than a utility van, the ride is as smooth. When you drive the Metris, it has the Mercedes soft tight and direct touch when you steer it, a sensation that will make the journey comfortable. The Metris configured as a cargo is a little lighter.

Safety features

  • The Crosswind Assist, which detects the gust of wind and keeps the Metris in the lane.
  • Attention Assist learns driving style of the driver in 40 parameters and detects drowsiness, with alarm and lights indicate time to rest.
  • Lane Keep Assist jerks the van back in the lane, if there is any deviation. The Park Assist takes control of parallel parking by scanning, parking and straightening the wheels when it is parked in the right spot.

The cargo Metris

  • The cabin in the Metris in either version is identical; however, the comfort disappears with every vibration, or bump audible. The cargo space is as huge as 186 cubic feet. Its steering is chunky solid that drives confidence and precision unexpected in a van.
  • The Metris packages the infotainment – phone and navigational functions, however, designed for commercial purpose, and lacks the user friendliness and graphics.


The passenger Metris

  • It can house 7 passenger seats in the cabin space.

The Mercedes Metris has found itself buyers in the private companies for fleets and shuttles as passenger carriers. It may seem expensive compared to the competition; however, it is worth the drive and comfort even as a utility van for those willing to invest in the safety features it offer.