December 20, 2016 at 10:49 am

Using Your Car to Execute a Home Remodel

Now, not everyone is as lucky as my dad to have a 22 foot trailer that they can use to load up with supplies for home remodels. Some of us have to make do with our VW bugs and other smaller vehicles. Thankfully, Home Depot makes the job easier with rentable trailers!

If you are just getting into a home remodel and are a little intimidated by the project’s supplies list, do not fear. Your little car will be able to pull off the job, and you may even find you have a great car story to share afterwards! Simply make sure your car is able to handle towing, and find out its load capacity, and then rent a trailer from Home Depot!

Now, before you get too worried about the additional costs of renting a trailer from home depot, you should definitely consider the fact that you can save a huge amount of money from Home Depot using the coupons it is now offering through Groupon. Using this partnership with Groupon, you can use Groupon’s Coupons at Home Depot to score 30% and 50% off any order. That means you can go back again and again, and even use your small car to handle multiple trips, if you prefer to go trailer-less – but, we highly advise you consider the trailer option and snapping a pic to send in to us, so we can publish your story here next!

The best part about the savings from Home Depot and Groupon are that these coupons are updated constantly. You will have different savings options to choose from all of the time, so no need to stress out about missing a coupon opportunity one time. Just check back at Home Depot’s Groupon page regularly to find new deals to score on.

When all is said and done, you will have executed a home remodel project cheaply, and also have banked a new great car story to share, not only with your friends, but also with us here at Classic Car Stories – do send in your story!